Monday, October 17, 2016

Letter #60 from Australia

September 11, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

          We were so blessed this past week in our missionary efforts and I know that it is because of all the prayers that were said by all of you and us! We are in this work together! Just over the weekend alone, we found 3 new investigators and 2 less active families that want to learn more about the church! They all invited us back this next week and we are super excited to begin teaching them! We also found countless new contacts that are semi-interested in the church and with learning more. I know and now have a strong testimony about specific prayers! This whole past week we have been praying for specific things such as, a new investigator on the street that we were about to door knock. Or for the Lord to guide us to exactly where he needs us to be! We were able to be apart of so many miracles and we are so grateful!

          A highlight of the week was being able to see all of my missionary friends at the monthly MLC meeting! I saw all of the missionaries that were with me in my MTC district because practically all of us, except for 2, are zone leaders or sister training leaders! I of course saw my favorite person of them all, Elder Stanton Wiser! Every time that I see him, it feels like I am seeing my family! I love him and we always greet each other with a big hug! He is the man and is smashing it out here in Australia! haha, in a good way! He is actually currently serving with my former companion, Elder Halsey! It was a good little reunion and a much needed one!

          A cute little miracle for this past week was being able to meet the coolest and cutest Nepalese kids! So it all started Friday night when we went to visit a Nepalese couple that we are teaching. Well we got to their court, cul-de-sack, and talked with them on their doorstep for a little while. Well they couldn't meet with us then for a lesson, so we set up another time and left. Then as we were leaving we saw all of these Nepalese kids run out from all of the houses in the court to play soccer. (Apparently all of the houses on the court have Nepalese families living in them! Well they all begged us to play with them so we did. We played soccer, tiggy-tiggy (tag in Nepalese) and had running races! It was a lot of fun and they were all so cute! They would run up to us and pull on our arms and clothes and say "Mista, mista". They were saying Mister, but because they have an accent it sounded like mista! All in all, it was a lot of fun! 

          I truly am grateful to my Father in Heaven for the amazing work that we were able to do, only with His help! I know that if all of us pray for something specific, then He will be able to bless us with exactly what we need, if it is according to His will! I love this church and this gospel so much! I love how the spirit is able to work through us to be able to bless the lives of others! It doesn't matter if we speak English, Samoan, or Nepalese, we all speak the language of the spirit and that is the most important one of them all! It is the one that can unite us with our brothers and sisters here in this life! Have a great week and pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with someone in your life! I love you all!


Elder Wheeler 

And now, here is the sunset! HOLY BEAUTIFUL!!! haha
A BEAUTIFUL rainbow right above us! We must be serving in the pot of gold!
Me and one of the Nepalese kids! His name is Mushum and he
is the cutest kid ever! He has a laugh/giggle that will melt your heart!
Me and Elder Wiser trying to be attractive. haha
All of my intake at MLC! More and more of us are becoming
leaders! It is so crazy!

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