Monday, October 17, 2016

Letter #50 from Australia

July 3, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

          What a great week it has been! Sorry if I always start my emails like that, its just all the weeks on my mission have been great! haha But this week was really good because we got a lot of work done and we now have a new mission President! 

          So because Elder Kelsch goes home in a week, we are working really hard and are doing everything that we can to get the work done in our area! This past week had its ups and downs, as all weeks do, but overall it was successful! Elder Kelsch got sick though on Saturday night and we spent the rest of the night and all day Sunday in the flat! He is all better now and we are ready to smash his final week in the mission! Our investigators are doing really well and the whole Wharemate family came to church yesterday! We had some other missionaries come and do a quick exchange with Elder Kelsch and me so that I could still go to church! It was really good and Brother Wharemate and his two oldest kids bore their testimony! Maya and Shane are really progressing towards their baptismal dates in August!

          This past week on Thursday, President and Sister Maxwell left and President and Sister Vidmar arrived! It was sad to think that I we won't have the Maxwell's as our mission President anymore, but it was really exciting to think that we have the Vidmar's now! We got to meet them on Friday at a special meet the Mission President Devotional and they are so awesome! They are both super excited and full of energy! It was really funny to see that even the new Mission President and his wife looked like deer in the headlights! haha They are awesome and I look forward to getting to know them even more over the course of my final year! They ran into President and Sister Williamson, my old bishop in my home ward and also the parents of my Best Friend McKay Williamson, in the MTC! The Williamson's told them all about me and even gave them a picture of McKay and me at our farewell! It was funny cause when the Vidmar's first shook my hand, President Vidmar said, "Sister Vidmar, THIS is Elder Wheeler!" And then he told me that he has something to show me after the meeting! After the meeting, he pulled the picture of me and McKay out of his briefcase! haha It was a big surprise! 

          Overall this week was really good! I am excited for this next week, but also not because it will be Elder Kelsch's last week in the mission! But I am glad that I get to serve it with him!

HAPPY 4th of JULY! All of you who know me, know that this is my most FAVOURITE holiday EVER! Enjoy it and sing "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" by Toby Keith for me! haha, my family will laugh when they read that!;) I love and miss you all!

Elder Wheeler

​What the 4th of July page looks like in my planner! haha I love America!​

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