Thursday, December 29, 2016

Letter #63 from Australia

October 2, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

          Another week has come and gone...even faster than before it feels...hah, but all goods! So this week was great and we were able to go on some exchanges with some of the missionaries in our zone! We didn't spend too much time in our area; cause you know, life of a Zone Leaders is helping the missionaries in your zone first! So because of that the work is about the same here in Greenvale, but this next week we are going to smash it! In a good way of course!;) So we found out on Saturday night, who will be leaving and who will be staying, a.k.a. transfer news! Before I go on, I will give you a little background info. I have now been in the area for 4 transfers, which is about 6 months now. Well usually you stay in one area for about 2-3 transfers. Staying in one area for 4 transfers is not too common, but it happens here and there, but anymore after 4 transfers is almost never heard of! Well with that, you have probably already guessed what I am going to say next...I AM STAYING IN GREENVALE!!!!! Elder Swenson is being transferred to another area for his final two transfers of his mission! He will also be training a new missionary, so that is really exciting for him! 

          As for me, I will be serving with Elder Halsey...again! Ha Elder Halsey will be coming back to Greenvale for his last transfer on his mission! I served with him for one transfer when I first got transferred into Greenvale 6 months ago! And now, I will be serving with him again! But I also will be serving with another missionary, Elder Wilson! We will be in a tri-companionship! My second one on my mission, but it should be really fun! We aren't too sure why we will be in a trio, but it should be good and I am excited because I know both of them, Elder Wilson and Elder Halsey, really well and they are great! I was surprised to find out that I am staying, because this will be transfer number 5 in the area, so by the time this transfer is over, I will have been here for 7 1/2 months! haha I am excited though because I love this area and the ward so much! 

          We get to watch General Conference this coming weekend and I am so excited! It is the best thing ever because you get to ask questions to Heavenly Father and then watch your answers on TV! I can't think of anything better than that! haha I hope that all of you had a good week and are staying happy and healthy! The flu has been going around here in the area and I have now gotten it twice in a month! Not sure how that worked out, but overall, I am doing a lot better! Don't worry!!!(Mum) haha I love all of you and thank you so much for your support and help! Have a great week!


Elder Wheeler

Looks like it is that time of the year
Guess what! We tracted into Daniel Radcliffe!
haha nah, just kidding! This is Michael and he is
a member in another area! haha But hey, he does
look like Daniel! Well, at least I think so!
Exchanges with Elder Swenson...haha yep, there is two Elder Swensons
in the zone! ha Confusing, but all goods!

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