Thursday, December 29, 2016

Letter #66 from Australia

October 23, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

          This week we had meetings, meetings and more meetings. I would like to quote the 14th Article of Faith, that doesn't really exist..."We believe in having meetings, more meetings and meetings about our meetings." haha. That was the case this week because it was just filled with meetings. On Tuesday we had our typical missionary District Meeting, then Wednesday was Zone Interviews with President Vidmar, Thursday was a mission wide meeting where we were trained on how to react to the 'Book of Mormon Musical' that will be coming to Melbourne soon (I will talk more about it later), Friday was DLC (district leadership council) and then Sunday was Ward Council and Church. The proselyting work did not go well this week. But we did begin working with two Part-Member families in the ward and are now teaching them. Both of the families have sons who aren't baptized and who told us that they would like to be baptized. So that was a great miracle that we were blessed with.

          So the play/musical 'The Book of Mormon’ is coming to Melbourne this January. Well because it is an anti or at least makes fun of the church and what we believe in, the Missionary Department (the big guys in SLC) created a campaign to use this as an advantage for the church. The musical has already been advertising since January of this year and they have already sold out tickets from January of next year to April. We had a member of the missionary department come to the meeting from SLC and he trained us on what the Church will be doing and how we can use this as a blessing instead of seeing it as a halt in the work. The Church has already bought out all of the advertisement space in Southern Cross (the main train station here in Melbourne) and will begin advertising starting a week after the play opens. The Church has also made some commercials featuring local famous Aussie members of the Church and will be playing them on T.V. starting January. It is such a great blessing and a huge way to get people interested in the Church. The play went to London three years ago and so The Church did the exact same thing in the London Mission and they saw a consistent 50% increase in convert baptisms and it has stayed like that for the past three years! So let's just say that we are all really excited for the play to open. Although it will mean more people against us, it will also mean that those who are pure in heart will be led to the Church and will find the truth that they are looking for!

          That is about it from me for this week! I hope that all of you are doing well and that you will be preparing for the upcoming holiday, Halloween! I have already picked me costume out and plan to go as a Mormon Missionary just like I did last year! Haha I hope you all are happy, safe and doing great in school, work or anything else that you are involved in! Have the best week ever! I love you all!

Elder Wheeler

When members go all out for our fafagas (Samoan for feeds).
This was our dessert yesterday. It was really good!
Our Zone's quilt patch that we made. Sister Vidmar is an avid quilter 
and will be making a Melbourne Mission quilt, so she needed all of the 
zones to make a patch.  We are the zone right next to the airport, so we 
always see planes, hence the plane on our patch.
My two awesome companions...haha 

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