Thursday, December 29, 2016

Letter #71 from Australia

November 27, 2016

Dear Family & Friends,

          This week was an all right one for us and it was again full of some great miracles! We spent a lot of days out of our area helping some missionaries, but the Lord still blessed our area nonetheless. We were able to spend Thanksgiving Day in the Temple here in Melbourne because it just so happened that our assigned temple day as a zone, fell on Thanksgiving Day! I was so thankful for this small and tender mercy from the Lord. I was able to have an amazingly spiritual experience while in the temple. I decided to pore out my heart to my Father in Heaven and give him thanks for everything and everyone that I have in my life. It turned out to be so uplifting and probably one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had in the temple! 

           Our investigators are all doing fantastic and I know that all of your prayers are helping them so much! So thank you to all of you for that! We had to move Michael's date to the 24th of December, because of him not being able to make it to church yet. So nobody is set to be baptized this weekend, which is okay! We are still working with Dyon for the 10th and Gabrielle for the 17th and both of them are looking really promising for those days! So hopefully all goes well and they can be baptized! My companions and I are doing great too! Elder Lawler is teaching me some Aussie slang phrases and words and Elder Levaci is adjusting well to his new life as a missionary! Overall, the Lord is with us in this work and I am so glad and grateful to be apart of it!

          I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and were able to give thanks for everything and everyone that you have in your life! I know that if we are thankful to our Father in Heaven throughout our life, He will continue to bless us with whatever we stand in need of! I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have that comes for being a member of Christ's church! I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I am so grateful for my family. For everything that they do for me, for being my rock and my support, and for helping me to get to where I am today! I don't know where I would be without them in my life, but I do know that without them, I have nothing, but with them in my life, I have everything that I could ever need! I am grateful for the knowledge that I have that my family is forever and that no matter what happens here on Earth, nothing can separate me from my family. I am grateful for my friends and all that they have done for me and all that they continue to do for me! I am grateful for my Father in Heaven and for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that they live, they love us, and they know us all by name! 

          I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week! Stay safe, stay grateful, and remember to read your scriptures and say your prayers! 


Elder Wheeler

Me, Elder Levaci and Elder Lawler at the temple!
My zone in front of the temple!
This is T.J. who is a member in our ward! He is a barber and has cut some
really famous people's hair throughout his life including, Bruno Mars, T.I., and a
whole lot more professional singers, athletes and actors. Well this is a picture of us
with him after he cut our hair last Monday! Pretty cool huh?

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