Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Letter #92 from Australia

April 23, 2017

Dear Family & Friends,

What an exciting week it has been here in the land of the Aussies! We had a great week as a companionship and we are now in a quad companionship! You all will probably remember Elder Solomon, my second companion in the mission! Well he leaves this Friday to go home, as his mission is now done! Well his companion went home last week, and so he needed someone to be with for his final week! So President put him with us, as we were the closest missionaries to him! So it is now the four of us! It is a lot of fun and we just split up into two companionships and we get to do twice the amount of work than before! So overall, it was a great tender mercy from the Lord!

On Wednesday, just this one past, we had a special visitor from the Church! Elder Steven Snow of the Seventy came with his wife to do a small visit to the mission! He is the Church's History Department Recorder and he came to do a small Church History presentation to us missionaries while he was down here in Melbourne finding out and recording some of the Church's history here in Australia! He only did the presentation to three zones and we were one of the lucky zones to be selected! It was really cool and both him and his wife and Brother Nelson, the assistant church history recorder, spoke to us all about the History of the church! Then we had a Q&A session with him and it was really cool! Got a lot of cool answers on some questions about church history! 

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week! We helped the office clean an old missionary flat, which was the flat in Lilydale, which was my second area! hah So that was fun! We had interviews with President Vidmar and of course the topic of that was, my plans for when I get home! -_- ha It was a great interview though and I love President Vidmar so much! It was a weird and funny interview as well! Usually when you say the closing prayer after an interview with President, there really isn't anything more talked about! You just hug him and then leave his office, but this time President threw a big curve ball...After the prayer, he looked at me and asked, "Elder Wheeler, do you have a girlfriend waiting for you?" haha It surprised me, but was funny at the same time! Of course I told him that I don't, but that my mum and my sisters are the only girls waiting for me at home! haha 

I hope that you all have a great week and keep up the great work! I love you all and miss you so much! This week, I gained a testimony on the power that comes behind being obedient! There is a reason why we have rules and commandments in life! I have always loved this quote, "Commandments are an expression of God's love for us, and our obedience to those commandments are an expression of our love for God!" Keep being obedient to God's commandments and I promise you all that choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, although at the time it might not seem like it, in the end it will be worth it! I love you all! 


Elder Wheeler

Sunday night dinner with President and Sister Vidmar!
Love them heaps!
Just a sports card of my Olympian Mission President!
haha Saw it on his desk!

Cooked...again...haha We have now over 25 pictures of
Elder Watanabe asleep!!
Just a selfie with Elder Fackrell, well Mckay now! He was a
missionary here and finished in March, but now he is just back on holiday and we saw him while street contacting!
Me with my two mission sons and my two mission husbands! haha
While training both Elder Levaci, to the right of me, and Elder Watanabe,
to the left of me, I was dubbed as the Mum in the companionship! haha 

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