Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Letter #91 from Australia

April 17, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

HAPPY EASTER to you all! I hope that you have enjoyed this wonderful time that we have had to remember, honor and give great praise for our Savior, Jesus Christ! I have truly gained a greater love for Jesus Christ while being on my mission and serving Him and the wonderful people of Australia! We have been blessed this week to find two new investigators in our area! I love teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them to find out for themselves, the truthfulness of it! One of our new investigators is a man by the name of Mo! He is from Nigeria and was referred to us from the City Elders! He is so keen to learn more and has been prepared by Heavenly Father to accept our message! He told us that he wants to know so badly if what we are teaching him is true! He is currently praying to know if it is true and if he should be baptized! 

The City Elders taught him once already, before referring him to us and he understood the Restoration so well, that when we asked what he remembered, he began teaching us the whole message! We are so grateful for this amazing miracle and hopefully; all will continue to work out with Mo!

I just wanted to share a small testimony on Jesus Christ, as we remembered Him this past Easter Weekend. I have had many witnesses in my life of Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me, individually and for all of mankind, collectively. But the most amazing witness that I have gained and seen is the ability that He has to be able to change someone completely. I have witnessed His Atonement heal someone who has been broken, help someone through the darkest nights and enabled someone to have a mighty change of heart! The person who I am speaking of is, myself. I can truly say that I have been changed by my Savior and by His Atonement while serving Him. I know that He can and will help all those who come unto Him! He has given us the promise, time and time again, that if we will come to Him, we can be made whole! Our burdens can and will be made lighter and He will truly help us to change into someone better than we were before! I know that no matter what we are going through in life, He understands what we are feeling and He can help us! Family and friends, the tomb is empty! I know it is! He lived, died, and lived again, for us! So that we too can live again and be made whole, even as He was!

I hope that all of you enjoyed the time to reflect upon our Savior, Jesus Christ and all that He has done for you! I love you all and I miss you all so much! Stay strong and choose now, if you already haven't, to allow the Savior into your life and allow Him to make you whole again! Have a great week!


Elder Wheeler
Dropping off surprise Easter gifts for the members!
Members took us to a chocolate factory for Pday! Yum!
A meter long of chocolate! haha, he is happy!
Free chocolate! :)
Happy Easter!
Fun day at the chocolate factory with the Prentice family!
They didn't see the sign above them that says..."Cars Only!" haha

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