Saturday, February 27, 2016

Letter #30 from Australia

February 14, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

          Happy Valentine's Day! This is one of the weirdest holidays to spend while on a mission. But all goods. So this week was a really good one for Elder Theurer and me! We got a lot of work done here in our area and we were also able to go to Wangaratta for a baptism over the weekend! So it has been a very good week and one that I have loved!
          The work here in our area is continuing, but it is still going slow and we are still struggling to find people who will talk to us, let alone let us teach them. It is a really humbling experience right now, but I know that there is a reason why we are going through this! It will make us stronger and more dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ! We haven't been able to meet up with April this week, but we pray that we will be able to this week! She has just been really busy and hasn't had time! We are still doing a lot of door knocking and street contacting around our area! We have a plan to meet with a lot of our members this week and teach them, but then ask them for any family or friends that we can go teach! Members are the key when it comes to finding people to teach! So I will let you all know next week how that goes!

          Over the weekend we were able to travel up to my bush home, Wangaratta! Where it all started for me.:) Haha We went up for Max Lewis's baptism and were able to participate in it and visit all of the amazing members that are up there. We took a train up there on Friday afternoon, but because it was so hot, the train couldn't go all the way to Wangaratta. So we got on a bus half way and took that the rest of the way up there. I sat next to a gentleman who was extremely dirty, with his actions, thoughts and words, not appearance, who only wanted to talk about...chastity related subjects the entire time. It was really interesting but I took it as a teaching opportunity and taught him about...the law of chastity!! Haha But it didn't seem to help. All I will say, is it was an interesting 2 hour bus ride! We stayed over Friday night and visited Karyn and Steve Friday night! They are both doing really well and it was so good to see them and to talk and laugh with them again!:) Saturday was the baptism and it was so amazing! It was a huge testimony builder for me and I will tell you why.

          Max has a prosthetic leg on his left side and so he had to take it off for the baptism. He had a hard time getting into the font so, three of us had to carry him in and then carry him out. It was a struggle because of the small walkway that leads down into the font! The entire time though, he never once wanted to give up! He knew the Lord would help him and that it was very important for him to be baptized! He is an amazing man and it was an amazing baptism! After the baptism, I went to visit T'leisha and Shaye and their family and they are doing great too! As I was getting out of the car to walk up to their door, they all ran out yelling "Elder Wheeler" and gave me a huge cuddle (Hug)!! Overall it was a great little trip back to Wangaratta! It was all topped off when Elder and Sister Murray told me some amazing news! Not including Max, 6 other investigators that my companions and I found and taught, are getting baptized in the next 2 months! It was so great to hear that great news and an amazing feeling to know that the seeds we planted will soon be harvested!:)

          I love this work so much and love the many miracles and blessings that Heavenly Father is blessing us with! I love you all and am continually grateful for the support and love that you give me! You are all the best and I love and miss you all! Have a great week and help the missionaries in your area out as much as you can! Build up the kingdom of God!


Elder Wheeler
We were right in the middle of the city! It was so cool!!!​

Southern Cross train station here in Melbourne city! So cool! And no
there wasn't a platform 9 3/4! I checked. ;)​

Max, Elder Harper, Elder Stevens and me! These are the Elders who are
serving in Wangaratta right now! A great day for us all!!​

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