Friday, February 26, 2016

Letter #27 from Australia

January 24, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

As another week comes to a close, I am reflecting on how fast my mission is going and I am saddened. I don't want it to go this fast but it is a good motivator to get back out there and work hard! As far as news goes, this week Elder Theurer and I got a new companion! Elder Barrozo, who is from the Philippians! He won't be with us for long because he is assigned to work in the Croydon area, an area right next to ours, but he doesn't have a companion yet. So he has been with us since Friday and will be with us till Thursday! We are excited to have him with us and we are doing awesome work with the three of us!! It is a little awkward door knocking with the tree of us, because people think we are there to bash them or something! So we usually just have one of us stay on the side walk while the other two go up to the door! But all is good and it is really fun! We never have a dull moment with the three of us with our sense of humor!

We have just been doing the same work as last week! Doing lots of finding and trying to find those people that we need to teach! We received a referral this past week from the office and we are hoping and praying that it will work out! A referral is when someone tells you to go visit someone they know, who may accept our message! An office referral is when someone goes online, to, and either puts their information in or someone else's information in and requests visits from missionaries! We really think that this one will work out because the girl has been living with an LDS family for the past couple of months in Cali. We will visit her this week after she gets home and will hopefully start to teach her the lessons!

All is well here in Yarra Valley and we are heading to a wildlife sanctuary in our area today, so I will have a lot of fun and cool pictures for you all next week! We were just told by someone here at the library that the Denver Broncos beat the Patriots. All of you know that I am a huge Broncos fan, so as you could guess, I am VERY happy with this outcome!

I want to thank all of you for being amazing friends.   I appreciate all of the support that you have continued to show my family and me while I am serving. I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Elder Wheeler

Elder Solomon, my last companion, just barely got his Christmas package
from his family, and they added some gifts for me! A Maori cultural
calendar and a Maori phrasebook! ​Yes, I am still learning the language
and it is coming along great!
Here is our "Haka" poses! Pretty scary eh?
Some more crazy times!! ​

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