Monday, March 27, 2017

Letter #86 from Australia

March 13, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week has gone by so fast and it seems like it was just yesterday that we were emailing home. First off, I just wanted to explain why I didn't email you all yesterday. It was Labor Day here in Australia and just like all of the public holidays here, they all land on a Monday! So the libraries are closed and because of that, we can't email home until today, our Tuesday. So that is why none of you received an email from me. So don't think that I am ignoring you or that I am dead. I am very much alive and am doing just great!! Elder Wiser and I are finding a lot more success in the area and are so happy about the work right now! I have a lot of cool miracles to share with you all, so hopefully I have enough time to tell them all to you. 

So like I said the past couple of weeks, we don't really have any investigators that we are teaching right now in the area, but we have been keeping our expectations high and our work effort even higher. We have been fasting and praying so much that we would find people to teach. Which is a great thing because we not only are showing the Lord our desire to find people to teach, but I am also loosing a lot of weight with it as well. haha Well on Sunday, we decided to fast again for the opportunity to find people to teach. Well after church, we had no set appointments until 6:30, so we decided that we would go street contacting for 4 hours straight! It was so much fun cause one of the members in our ward, Brother Costigan an RM, asked us at church if he could come out with us for the whole day. Well we worked our hardest and talked to everyone and in the 4 hours, we found 17 potential investigators! It was a huge miracle and it was so amazing to see that they Lord truly helped us and blessed us so that we would be able to find all of those prepared individuals! It was a great day! 

We have been helping a lot of less active members in our ward too and we had another great miracle. On Sunday, a member who has been less active for 3 years, came to church for the first time in that 3 years! She said that she really felt the spirit and she even decided to stay for the full 3 hours! We were so happy and we are really seeing a lot of success with the less active members that we have been working with! I love this area and I love being able to serve with Elder Wiser. Transfers are next week, I know, it went by so fast huh? And we are really hoping that we will get to stay together for one more transfer, but we have a feeling that one of us will be transferred, but you never know, so we will just have to see! But at the end of the day, "We will go where you want us to go dear Lord." ha I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Also, I saved the best of all for last...A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY BEST FRIEND AND SISTER NICOLE!!!!! I love you so much Coley, and hope that you had a great week and a great birthday! 18 years old and now an official adult!;) haha 

Love you all,

Elder Wheeler
Zone P-day! Laser Tag!!!
Elder Wiser and I decided to be a little more unified with each
other and make companion t-shirts! Reppin the Pleasant View
and the 801!!! #PVPride

So it was $1 Bring Your Own Cup at 7-11 this past week 
for Slurpees! We went hard and crashed even hard! 
Sugar overload! But it was worth it! ha
President gave us a new car since our old one wasn't "cool" 
or "fast" enough! Ha I guess this one will have to do for now...;) 
haha Audi R8
Oh yeah, Btw, Natalie, the one in the black dress, was baptized
this past Saturday! She was an investigator that I taught with
Elders Lawler and Levaci in my past area! Got to go back
for her baptism on Saturday and it was so great to see her
make this covenant with her Heavenly Father! Great to see
 Elder Lawer and Levaci too!

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