Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Letter #17 from Australia

November 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

          Miracles are coming from every direction here in Wang. This week has been so amazing I have no idea where to begin. We have done a lot of work this week and have been smashed after everyday from either service, long days, or even longer drives. I love it and I wouldn't want to have any other feeling after coming back to the flat each night. 

          So the miracles were all throughout the week, but the big ones didn't start to occur until the weekend. Background info...Elder Solomon and I tracted a street last Sunday and met a man named Max. As we were talking to him at his doorstep, I realized that I had seen his name before in our Area Book. (A book with records that missionaries keep on the people that they teach and the work that they do in their assigned area.) We asked him if we could come back during the week and teach him a lesson. He agreed and we planned to come back on Thursday. All right now that you are all caught up, let's continue the miracle story. So we came on Thursday and he invited us in. After getting to know him, we taught him a lesson on the Restoration and on baptism. At the end of the lesson, and after discussing how we should be baptized by immersion, we asked him if he would prepare himself to be baptized on the 5th of December...he said yes! End of Miracle one!:) 

          Friday came and Elder & Sister Murray asked us if we could come with them to visit some less actives that live in the outer towns of our area. We agreed and left for Myrtleford at 11 am. We got up there and the less actives weren't home, so we decided to go and visit a non member friend of Karyn Wright, one of our recent converts, who lives up there. We have met her friend Roberta before at Steve's, Karyn's husband, baptism. We tried to go up before and teach her a lesson, but she wasn't interested at all. So as we were walking to her front door with the Murray's, Elder Solomon and I decided that if we were able to teach her a lesson, we would teach her the Restoration. But that was as far as our planning went for her and the lesson. After talking with her for a while, we asked if we could share a message with her about the Restoration of our Church. She agreed and we taught her the lesson. I have never been in a more powerful lesson than the one that we had with her. As Elder Solomon was baring his testimony, I felt impressed to ask her to be baptized. Before this lesson with her, Elder Solomon and I had not discussed even a tiny bit about inviting her to be baptized. We had not prayed about a specific date to set with her or anything. But I felt impressed to ask her to be baptized on the 12 of December...She said yes. It was amazing and the Spirit was so powerful! I couldn't believe it when she agreed to being baptized. End of miracle two!:)

          So as you can tell, this week has been a very good week! Elder Solomon and I have been able to set two more baptismal dates with investigators of ours, bringing the total number of baptismal dates up to three!!! Laurence on the 21st or 28th of November (Depending on when his family can make it.) Max on the 5th of December and Roberta on the 12th of December. I love this area so much and I do not want to leave!! This transfer has gone by way too fast and it is so crazy to think that there are only two weeks left in it and possibly/most likely, my last two weeks here in Wangaratta. I do not want to leave, but it is looking like I will be leaving. 

          My mission is going by way to fast, and it is weird to think that I have been out exactly 4 months yesterday (Sunday the 15th). I love being a missionary and I love putting my nametag on every morning. I can't wait to see what this week will have in store and I know that it will be a great week! Thank you for all of you wonderful people and for the support and prayers that you offer for me and in behalf of all the missionaries serving throughout the World. I love you all. Keep being good and know that He loves you, more than you could ever comprehend. 

Elder Wheeler 

Me in Beechworth, an outer town in our area!! Breath taking, huh?
The view is nice I guess...;)
The town of Bright. Finally some mountains. Reminds me a little of home,
but they are still hills compared to Utah mountains;)
Lightning storm here in Wang over the weekend. I took this picture at the right
time. This was taken at 10 at night. It looks as though it was taken in the middle
of the day.  That is how big and illuminating the storm was.

The lightening was purple and beautiful!!

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