Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Letter #18 from Australia

November 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

          It has been a good but very stressful week here in Wangaratta! We had a lot of work to get done and it was all on the shoulders of us missionaries so we all were pretty stressed. But we made it through the week and are celebrating with a great P-Day filled with relaxing; emailing and watching approved church movies! So overall you could say that this is a much needed and much anticipated P-Day.

          Our investigators are all doing so great and they are all really progressing, which is always, a good sign. We had to move Laurence's baptismal date back another week because he will be out of town this upcoming weekend. His original date was last Saturday, but he wasn't ready. So now his date is the 5th of December, which is the same date as Max! Roberta is doing amazing and in just one week has read two thirds of the Book of Mormon. She is so excited for her baptism and has truly been prepared by Heavenly Father. When we first met her at Steve's baptism, back is August; she didn't want anything to do with the church. But now she is really progressing and will be such a great and strong member!!

          We will find out transfer news this Saturday and I will let you all know next week who is leaving and who is staying! I am hoping to stay in Wangaratta at least one more transfer so that I can be here for my birthday and for Christmas!! 

          Thanksgiving is this week and I am sad to announce that Australia doesn't celebrate it...? Weird I know;) But Karyn (One of our recent converts) has come to the rescue and invited us over for a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! Even though she doesn't celebrate it and I had to tell her what kind of foods we have for it, she is going to make it for us! I am so excited!!! I am so thankful for this gospel in my life and for my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity that I have to serve a mission and to help people accept this gospel into their lives! I am also so thankful for the wonderful family that I have! I love them all so much and am so grateful for the support that they are giving me and continue to give me! I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let the people in your lives know how thankful you are for them! 

     "God doesn't give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given." 


Elder Wheeler

Ping pong on P day with the Albury Elders!!!
New tie for only $1.50! Loving the Op Shops here! (Like the DI back home) 

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