Monday, October 19, 2015

Letter #13 from Australia

October 18, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

          As you can probably tell from the subject of this weeks update, Elder Kelsch is being transferred. We got the call on Saturday night, but they forgot to tell us one small detail...HE IS GOING TO TASMANIA!!!! They usually tell you when they call for transfer news if you are going to Tasmania or not because you can't take all of your stuff. You can only take two bags! But they forgot to tell us that when they called us. So we got up to District Conference on Saturday night, and the Assistants to the President were talking to Elder Kelsch and I and said, "Oh yeah, Elder Kelsch, we forgot to tell you but you are going to Tasmania!!" Haha we thought they were joking at first, but quickly learned that they were being serious. So Elder Kelsch is leaving and heading down to Taz. It is sad to see him leave Wangaratta and me but it is time for him to leave. He has been up here in Wangaratta for 5 transfers!! Which is about 7 months! Our time together was short but it definitely was sweet!

          So now I will be getting a new companion!! I am really excited about that and I can't wait to find out who he is and start to get to know him. I already know that I will love him!! I am a little nervous, because now I will be the Senior Comp and will be in charge of this area. It is just a little daunting, but all goods. We had interviews this past week with President Maxwell and he told me that I am doing a great job with the area and he is very pleased with the work and growth that has been occurring up here. It was really nice to hear and a great reassurance to me.

          So this week was really great! We have been working a lot with Telisha and Shaye and getting them ready for the baptism next week! We did heaps of service this week too! Lots of weeding and lawn mowing! Haha. It is a lot of fun except when you find spiders and it is really really hot!!!! Hah and Elder Kelsch learned not to pull out garlic plants without wearing gloves. His hands have smelt like garlic this entire week!! So the Australian vampires have stayed away, which is really good!!!;) Not too much to report on this week. Just that Elder Kelsch is leaving and the baptism next weekend. But I will definitely have heaps to tell you all next week because I will have a new companion to report on and I will tell you all how the baptism went!! 

          I love you all so much and I really appreciate all of your emails and letters of support and love. I hope you all have a great week and keep up the amazing lives that you all are living!! Remember to keep the Lord in you life and He will bless you!!!


Elder Wheeler

Bryce, the Elders from Albury and Elder Kelsch. (We think we are cool) haha

Made some homemade bread for young mens!!!

Subway sandwich and raspberry white chocolate cookies!!!

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