Friday, October 16, 2015

Letter #12 from Australia

October 11, 2015

Hello everyone,

          What an amazing week it has been here in Wangaratta!!! The work is hastening in my area and I am so grateful for all of the many blessings that the Lord is blessing me with. This is the last week of the transfer, and Elder Kelsch has been here in Wangaratta for about 7 months, so he most likely will be transferred. But that is all right. Whatever President Maxwell feels inspired to do will be the best. This weekend we were able to watch General Conference!!!! I loved it so much!! All of the talks that were given were spot on and I learned so much from them all. We were able to watch all of the sessions, including the Priesthood session, which as well was amazing!!! I tried to not only learn from the speakers and what they said, but from the Holy Ghost and what He was telling me, and I learned a lot!! I won't go into all that I learned, because this email would be so long, and I don't have enough time;) But first let me tell you about my week and what else happened.

          We have gotten a couple more new contacts this week, which is really good, and a couple of them seem really keen on learning about the Church. We taught a lot of lessons, but sad to say, not as many as last week. Elder Kelsch and I have really been working with Jason and his family this week and trying to get the girls ready for their baptism. Jason and his partner Reagan have been trying to save up enough money to get married, but it is taking them a long time. We told them about how we could hold a wedding for them at the church and that it would be free!!! They seemed really excited when we told them that and they are going to talk about it and let us know if they would like to do it.

          Jason and his whole family also came to church yesterday for the first time!! The three little girls came last week, but they all decided to come this week. We of course told them that this week would be a little different because it was General Conference. They said that they enjoyed it and they really felt welcomed by the members of the branch!! Which is really good news to hear because that was Jason's #1 concern about coming to church. He didn't want to feel like everyone was judging him, but he said he felt the complete opposite. We were so excited to hear that they enjoyed it!!! The girls are so prepared to be baptized and they can't wait for the 24th!!!

          So we found a "white tail spider" in our flat on Thursday night. Which wasn't a good sign at all. So there are four main spiders here in the state of Victoria that you really have to watch out for. They are the "White Tail", the "Huntsman", the "Red Back" and the "Wolf" spiders. So Red Backs and White tails are about the size of a 50-cent piece. The Red Back spider is basically the Australian Black Widow and is just as dangerous and just as deadly. The White Tail spider is a very intestine spider. It is all black and then on the very tip of its tail, it has a white dot. (Don't worry; I have pictures of the one that was in our flat.) Their bite will not kill you (usually), but it will eat your skin. And it gets better!!! Every year around the time that you got bit by one, your skin will start to be eaten again. The Huntsman spider is a spider that is about the size of a bread plate but it is a good spider because it eats Red Backs and Wolf spiders. But it doesn't eat White tails, so yeah. Oh and they can run about 3 yards per second. Hahah -_-... (This is my (Lisa Bryce's Mom) input here  Just an FYI: I looked these up online and they are disgusting!!)

          I loved General Conference so much! It was so amazing to hear from our living Prophets and listen to their council. I learned so much and I can't wait until the November Ensign comes out, so that I can study and read their talks over and over again. President Thomas S. Monson gave one quote that I loved. He said, "It [life] is not easy, but our eternal salvation depends on it." I loved that quote so much and it really applies to us all. We knew the plan before we came down to earth. We knew the struggles, trials and hard times that we would go through in this life, but we still asked to be sent here to Earth. We knew that this was the only way to get a body and to become like our Father in Heaven. Our eternal salvation does depend on this life, and the choices that we make. I know that is scary to think about and it definitely is for me too. I have made my fair share of mistakes in life and I regret them all. But how wonderful it is to know, that we all have a Savior. One who submitted himself to the will of the Father. Who then suffered, bled from every pore, and died for every single one of us. How grateful I am for Him and for that ultimate act of love that He did on my behalf and on behalf of us all. "Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me." 

          I love you all so much and miss you all. You may ask how I can miss you all individually, but yes it is possible, and yes, I do!!!:) Have a great week and remember to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ and to thank Heavenly Father for all that you have, because of Him. 


Elder Wheeler

Time to go pull some weeds, of course in style!!!

<<<WARNING>>> This is a picture of the White Tail spider in our flat.
Do not look at if you are scared of spiders!!!

<<<WARNING>>> This is a picture of the White Tail spider that was in our flat,
now caught inside a container. Do not look at if you are scared of spiders!!!

This is me and Riot at church on Sunday! Riot is the son of our investigators
Jason and Reagan. He is 2 and lets just say his name fits him very, very well;)

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