Thursday, October 1, 2015

Letter #10 from Australia

September 27, 2015

Dear Everyone,

          What an amazing week here in Wangaratta!!! I have some pretty good news about two of our investigators, but I will get to that in a little bit. This week was a good one and we did a lot of work, but didn't teach a lot of lessons. We kind of slacked on teaching, but only because our days got smashed with service and long car rides. So overall it was a pretty successful week. 

          So on to the good news about our investigators!! TELISHA AND SHAYE are getting baptized!!! Telisha and Shaye are the two daughters of our investigators Jason and Reagan. We have been teaching them and their 4 kids since I got here. We have had a lot of struggle with them coming to church and keeping their commitments, but we haven't lost faith. It was a total miracle and we were guided by the Spirit to go and visit them. We had an appointment planned with one of our investigators Michael, but he wasn't home. So as we were trying to figure out whom to go and see, we both had the feeling to go and see if Jason and his family were home. They were and they quickly invited us in and we started talking and teaching a lesson. All of them were listening and really engaged in the lesson. (Which is a huge miracle because usually Jason and Reagan aren't really paying attention and Ryatt their 2-year-old boy is going crazy) But this time, they were all quite and they all could feel the spirit. I know they could. So as we were getting to the end of the lesson, we asked Jason and Reagan if the girls could be baptized, and they said yes. WAHOO!! So we set the date right then and there for the 24th of October. Then Reagan and Jason said something so amazing. Reagan said, "If the girls really want to commit and do this, then I will commit to coming to church with them each week." and then Jason said, "Yeah, I will go to and support them." It was so amazing and the answer to my prayers!!! Telisha asked if Elder Kelsch would baptize her and Shaye asked if I would baptize her. What an amazing day that will be!!!

          This week was also Zone Conference up in Finley. Which went so well and I learned heaps!!! It was really good to see President and Sister Maxwell and the Assistants to the President. They all gave amazing trainings and I loved the meeting so much!!! So this week we got a phone call around 8:30 in the morning and were told that we needed to go over to a members house ASAP to help with service on her property. We spent 4 hours there helping her weed, garden and mow her lawns. She has such a big property that we didn't even finish. I mowed her lawn for about 3 hours, and I probably only finished half of her lawn. It was crazy but so good to do!!! All I can say is thank heavens she had a riding lawn mower!!! Hah

          It was such a great week and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love service and love seeing our investigators set a goal and a date to be baptized. I love this area and love the people. Being a missionary is hard, tough and very discouraging at times. But the moments when you have success, make it all worth it. I hope you all have a great week. Remember to be good and say your prayers. Keep the Lord in your life and He will continue to bless you.

Love you all. 


Elder Wheeler

Canola oil plant field. There are so many fields of this plant.

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