Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Letter #37 from Australia

April 3, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

          What an amazing week it has been! The Lord's work is continuing to hasten and move forward! It is such an amazing experience to be on a mission and I love it more and more everyday! I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference this past week! We, the Nation of Australia, get to watch it next weekend, so the 9th and 10th of April! I can't wait to watch it and to learn from our great leaders in the church as well as from the Spirit! Now an update on how the work is going here in the beautiful area of Yarra Valley!

          This past week was really good. We are continuing to work with Mark and he is still on date to be baptized at the end of this month! Is has been able to kick a couple of addictions to the curb and continues to move forward with great excitement and promise! The Fulton family has been on a holiday this past week and is getting back this next week, so the work with them will continue! They too are still set to be baptized in a couple of weeks and they are so KEEN!!! They all have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and to be baptized in the correct way! I am so excited for them! We also started to teach a German couple this past week!

          Some missionaries taught Hubert and Marion, the German couple, in the past, but showed little interest in the church. Well like I said last week in my update, they showed up to church wanting to get married and baptized! Which is a huge step for them cause they have had no desire in the past to do either of them!! We are so excited for them and their great decisions! Their wedding is set for the 7th of April and we are hoping to set a date for their baptism shortly after that. This past week we had our first lesson with them and it was really funny! When we got there, Marion had cooked a huge German feed! So we sat down and started to eat. She kept telling us that we need to eat more and that she wants clean dishes with now food left on them. We ate so much food, and every time we finished a plate of something, she would bring more out of the fridge. Like we ate the entire lamb roast that she made and then once the serving plate was empty, she ran to the fridge and pulled out a beef roast! haha   Let's just say that I didn't eat dinner that night. Luckily we didn't have a meal appointment that night. It went great though!

          The work is great here and I am really excited for the next couple of weeks! This transfer is an 8 week transfer so we will have our transfers in two weeks! I hope that you all have a great week and continue in the great things that you are involved in! I love and am so grateful for all of you and the support and love that you give to me! Be safe and remember to pray and read your scriptures!


Elder Wheeler

Me, Elder Angar (we were on exchanges that day), Hubert, Marion
and Am. He is a from Thailand and is living with them while he
goes to school! Crazy part is, Am is a member of the Church!!!
It was an awesome lunch, I got to speak the little German and
Thai that I know!
Temple trip this past week was absolutely amazing! It felt so good to be i
n the house of the Lord. I really felt close to my family and was
so grateful for the chance that we had to go!​
Me with the temple! 
My District in front of the temple! I love these Elders!​

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