Saturday, January 21, 2017

Letter #77 from Australia

January 8, 2017

Dear Family & Friends,

Once again, I am pressed for time and so because of that, this might be a little all over the place. But lets try anyways because I have a lot of amazing miracles to share with you all! 

So this past week was amazing in so many different ways! We started the week thinking that we wouldn't have a lot of time to work in the area due to meetings at the mission home and zone interviews with President Vidmar, but boy were we blessed! So all day Tuesday was spent at the monthly MLC meeting with all of the other leaders in the mission! We had our interviews with President on Thursday and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy the topic of my interview. It started with President asking me, "So Elder Wheeler, when do I loose you?" A.k.a. When do you go home? I replied by saying "hopefully never"...but it didn't work. Ha We then talked about my release date and how it has been changing lately because of my visa and transfer dates. So as of now, my official release date is June 15th...which is a whole month early! My visa will let me stay till July 15th, but transfers don't match up! I asked him about extending my visa so I can stay a little bit longer...sorry mum...but he said that if we extend it, I would need to stay until October or November just because of how expensive it is to extend a visa, the Church would want me to get the most out of it. But he said that would interrupt my plans for school in the fall, so he said no...haha But all goods! 

Well, back to the work, so we spent as much time as we could this week teaching our investigators and trying to find new people to teach! Well we taught heaps and I mean HEAPS of investigators this week! And on top of that, we found 10 new investigators to teach just this week alone! It was amazing. So to share a huge miracle that happened, Elder Lawler about two weeks ago, while on exchanges with another missionary, found another investigator to teach. His name is Deo Kumar and he is from Nepal! haha Yes, another Nepalese investigator! Well they found and taught him at the home of one of our investigators and so they wrote down the address of his house! Well a day later, two weeks ago, we put the address into our GPS and didn't find the street! We were SPEWING!!!! We tried everything and still couldn't find his house. Well we of course were super sad, but moved on. Yesterday, as we were driving to an appointment with some investigators of ours, Elder Levaci pointed out a street sign with the same name as the address we wrote down! We were so happy and couldn't believe the small tender mercy of the Lord to actually find the street! But the miracles didn't stop there, when we visited his house later last night, we didn't find him home, but we did find 10 of his family members home, all Nepalese, and so we taught them! They are all Christian and were very welcoming to let us in and teach them! Only 6 of them were above the age of 8 so Heavenly Father blessed us with 6 new investigators! ha It was so amazing and we were so beyond grateful! 

We now have an assignment from President Vidmar to learn Nepalese! haha So funny huh? Come to Australia with the calling to speak English, but then just in this area alone, receive two assignments to learn Samoan and Nepalese! I love Australia! haha 

Well I hope all of you are enjoying 2017! I know I sure am! I love and miss you all! Stay safe and happy! 


Elder Wheeler  
Just your monthly picture for the Weber High School Alum
Missionary Model Calender! haha
MLC with the MTC district crew!!!
Went to the wedding reception of our Elders Quorum President this
past week! Look who has a VIP seat!
President Tassie Metusela and his new wife Sasha! was kind of a big wedding reception...Samoans
do not hold back...over 500+ in attendance! 

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