Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Letter 1 - MTC

July 22, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it has been exactly one week since I was dropped off at the MTC and wow, what a week it has been. So Wednesday was great but really hard to say goodbye to the family! I am loving the MTC so much! My companion's name in Elder Charles Bennion! He is a stud. He is from Las Vegas Nevada and is going to Melbourne with me! He is amazing at basketball and the piano. He played basketball at his high school and they won state his Junior and Senior year! So you could say that he is "pretty good". My roommates are so awesome! All six of us are heading to the greatest mission in the world...Melbourne Australia! hah. Elder Stanton Wiser is one of my roommates and it is so good to see a familiar face everyday.

Okay so my P-day is actually Wednesday not Monday like everyone thinks haha. And I actually have a total of 12 days in the MTC instead of the 10 I thought haha. I leave for Australia on Monday the 27th. Some time in the afternoon.

So I have so HUGE news...MY VISA CAME!!!! I just found out today that my visa has been approved and that I am all set to head to Australia this Monday!! I can't believe that it is here but I am so ready and excited to finally get to Australia. So there are 10 total missionaries in my district and zone that are heading to Australia. 6 Elders and 4 Sisters. All of my roommates and two sister missionaries in my district are heading to Melbourne Australia. Then the other 2 sisters that are in my zone are going to Adelaide (idk how to spell it) Australia. We had all been praying that our visas would come and only a few have come. My companion Elder Bennion, has been reassigned to the Salt Lake City South mission because his visa hasn't come yet. So please keep him and all the other missionaries visas in your prayers.

Okay so lets talk about the amazing experiences that I have had so far. My favorite thing that happened on Wednesday was finally getting and putting my nametag on. It is so humbling to not only see my name on my nametag but also seeing Jesus Christ right below it. It really helps me to remember whose mission this really is. It isn't mine, it is the Lords and I am just his hands. I have seen many familiar faces here at the MTC including, Elder Wiser, Elder Hone, Elder LaRose, Elder Krebbs and Elder Karras! It is so cool to see them all out serving the Lord. But it is weird having to always remember to call them Elder, instead of bro, dude, man or their first name.

Another amazing experience this week was on Sunday night. After the Sunday night devotional we get to watch a movie, but not just any movie, ha-ha, a movie that of course is appropriate and approved for missionaries. My district and I were told that we should really watch the 'Character of Christ' talk by Elder David A. Bednar, so we did. I have never felt the spirit more than when I was watching that talk. It is a talk that was given to the missionaries at the Provo MTC a couple years ago and therefore it is not released to the public. But I am going to try to give you the basic outline of the talk but I won't be able to tell everything. So the basic message of the talk was this,

The Natural man is an enemy to God because the natural man turns inward towards himself instead of outwards towards everyone else. Christ was the perfect example of this. Lets take the night of the Atonement as an example. Christ came to the Garden with Peter, James and John. He told them to wait there by the gate and to stay awake and keep watch. Christ then went and suffered for every single sin in the World. He suffered so much that he sweat great drops of blood from every single pour. We know that Christ came back three different times to check on His apostles at the gate. All three times they were asleep, but did he get mad? No. He didn't. Christ had just gone through the greatest act of love that this World has ever known and he wasn't even mad. We then know that the Roman guards came to arrest Christ and in the chaos of that Peter drew his sword and cut one of the guards ear off. What did Christ do? He healed the guard!! Right then and there, after suffering for the sins of the world. He turned out word and healed the guard. Then on the cross, one of Christ’s final selfless acts was to make sure that his mother, Mary, would be taken care of after he died. Christ is and always will be the perfect example in so many different ways. We need to all live more like Christ and find more opportunities in our life to turn outwards and focus on others, instead of turning inwards.

This hour that I have to write has seriously gone way to fast and it stinks but oh well. If you would like to hear from me personally, write my letters! I will be able to respond to those a lot better.

I will only be in the MTC for another 5 days so the next time I write, I will be in Australia! I love you all so much!

Be more like Christ this week and turn outwards!!!

Elder Wheeler

Always remember, don’t ever give up on The Lord, cause He will never give up on you! I love you all so much! Thank you for your continual support! Have a great week Mates!

My roommates.  Elder Bennion, Bryce, Elder Albrechtsen,
Stanton Wiser, Elder Chappell, and Elder Porter
Bryce and companion Elder Bennion

Wally the Koala (gift from Mama Williamsen with 
name tag. This will be his Australian Flat Stanley.

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